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Krishnaprasad Varma

Programmer, Ruby Enthusiast, Gopher interested in Python & Javascript. Recently developed an interest in Gardening.

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I had always maintained a note book to keep track of ‘Things to do’, ‘Code Snippets’, ‘New Keyboard Shortcuts’, ‘Commands’ and other useful things. It always helped me to increase my productivity. I have been using Evernote for some years now and I highly recommend it. I always wanted to blog but it never happened for some reason. I was waiting for myself to get some time so that I could design my own blog. Being a programmer, the pride in myself never allowed me to go with wordpress or blogger. Long story short, I never blogged for the past 10 years.

How did I start blogging ?

Early this year, I got a chance to volunteer the website work and had to try Jekyll. To be honest, I fell in love with Jekyl, I couldn’t discover anything simpler to create a blog.

Meanwhile, I also happened to hear a talk on taking the first step for a successful career by Amaresh Veer, Director, Qwinix Technologies. His talk inspired me so much that I couldn’t wait any further. I ended up creating a board in Trello, the same day for setting up And… that’s how I started blogging.

I though for a while on what my first post should be. I finally decided to write a blog post on how to setup a blog using Jekyl and Github Pages.

I will soon update this post with a link to my first blog once its published. Stay Tuned!

Take your First Step

Thanks for visiting my website. Do feel free to leave your comments. I sincerely appreciate your support! Keep Visiting !!!

Krishnaprasad Varma

What will you find in my blog?

I would love to write about Puzzles, History, Travel, Music and even Politics. However now I will stick to my Technical Thoughts.